Canterbury Students Spiritual Road Map

Our Faith is a Journey. It is a journey towards understanding ourselves, life, and our God. We, the church, have a very important part to play in this journey. Canterbury takes this role very seriously. Over the course of two and a half years and the investement of the whole church we have created a Spiritual Road Map for our students and parents to aid and guide them through this stage of their treck towards our God. This is one of the most intentional, deliberate and well thought out discipleship paths I have ever seen in a student ministry, and it came from you the Canterbury Family.  

This plan has Three major components; The Curriculum Pathway, Milestones and Parental involvement and training. 

You will find the Curriculum Pathway and the Milestones outlined in the document below. The Parental Involvement piece will consist of weekly emails outlining what your students are learning and special classes just for parents as we seek to more deeply equip you to be the primary spiritual nurturers of your youth. 

Again, I cannot tell you how excited we are to see this amazing journey to begin with you and your students.

CLICK HERE to download the Student Ministry Spiritual Road Map