• Brian ward

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    Brian's (on the right of the photo) world revolves around his love for 90's soft rock. During the early 2000's he formed a one man tribute band called Michael's Bolted. After practicing for three months straight in his basement Brian perfected a technique that combined his voice and the guitar to produce a smooth jazz saxophone sound. Two months later he was performing at hotel lobbies up and down the Eastern seaboard. He recorded three albums and released them all on MySpace. You can probably guess the rest of his story and how he ended up in Youth Ministry.

  • Samantha Hartsoe

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    Samantha (in the center of the photo) grew up in North Carolina. Much too the disappointment of her family and half of the state she became a UNC basketball fan. Near the end of High School her parents believed she was beginning to turn her life around. But all hope was lost when she announced she would be attending the University of Alabama. Samantha now lives a very lonely life from September till the end of March as her friends can't stand her love for the two most hated teams in college sports. Evidently she doesn't care and tells everyone her pictures of Nick Saban and Roy Williams are all the friends she needs.

  • Robert Hubbard

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    Rob (on the right of the photo) is rumored to have been born and raised in Georgia. However, his accent seems to indicate otherwise. He claims it’s from the 10 years he spent living in England. But why was he in England?  It's rumored that he is an international man of mystery and was gathering top secret information. Others say he lost his return ticket and never made it out of the airport. A select few believe Rob didn’t even realize that he was in England but just thought he had driven up North. Whatever he was doing all we know is that now he’s back in the South, though his southern draw seems to be catching a later flight. His grandmother’s hobbies include skydiving, base jumping, marathon running and crocodile wrestling. His hobbies include quilting, baking and getting older. Or maybe we got those backwards. All we know is he is amazing at dodgeball and we think the movie ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story’ was actually based on his life.